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Random note:

If you're running Vista or Windows 7, and *not* running the client as admin, it acts extra dumb in this regard.  You will get better behavior running as admin.

The client is only kinda dumb normally.  It actually notes whether it is the first, second, third instance, etc...  And tries to lock itself to different CPU's to prevent exactly this issue.  (Although it doesn't do a very good job).

But if the client is not running as admin, it cannot see those other instances.  So it thinks it's the first client, all four clients think they're the first client, and all lock themselves to the same CPU.

So in the simplest case where you're multi-clienting, and you start the executables manually, make sure you're starting them as admin and it might help.  (It also might not, as I said, it's not very good about getting out of it's own way, but it does try)

But, an external app to do CPU affinity locking to exactly the cores you want, and keep it there, is always better.

Also - if you only give the client 1 CPU, turn off multi-processor support in the game.  If MP support is turned on in the game, it tries to use two processors (one at 100%, one at 15-25%). If it thinks it can do that, but you pin both the main game thread, and it's auxiliary threads to just one CPU, it actually hurts itself - you get a better framerate with client MP support disabled in that situation.

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