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Hello, it would be very cool if you were able to let us set our own CPU affinity when running multiple EQ2's, it seems that when im running my normal ammount while boxing (4 Clients of eq2) it always seems to go core 24 (2 and 4), it would be nice it eq2 didnt reset my affinity options in tskmgr.exe every 30seconds or so. at the moment im having to use a program i wrote in c++ to lock the afinity down so it doesnt keep changing.

just some info:

1 EQ2 with my cpu locker off = 65fps (116 while in my house)*

1 EQ2 with my cpu locker on = 135fps (209 while in my house)*

4 EQ2's with cpu locker off = 42fps (68 while in my house)*

4 EQ2's with cpu locker on = 74fps (101 while in my house)*

* = these are just avarage numbers i got on a few tests

so is it possible for you to make EQ2 so it doesnt lock cpu affinity automatticly to the same 2 cores for every client running?



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