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Great features to add! Especially for getting the fuel you want or one-off purchased quest items, that's always been a pain scrolling down long lists.

Anyway I gave it a fairly thorough going-over for you...

1. Nice to see the search is case insensitive. There's a right mix of capitalisation on item names out there. And that you can give it fragments of words in the opposite order to how they occur. E.g. I'd more naturally type something like "coal sp" to get sparkling coal.

2. When you click any of the Hide Unusable, Hide Grey or My Class filter boxes it clears the selection from the sub-panel (item icon, name and "buy" button). This doesn't feel intuitive, after all you still have a row highlighted in the window. Something is always selected in the merchant window.

3. If you have something grey highlighted and then click "hide grey" it doesn't hide that selected item. You could have it reset the selection to the top of the list of remaining non-grey items, so it can hide that one as well. In fact seems this applies to all three of the filters in the same way.

4. The My Class filter is hiding anything which is not gear/equipable. Try it on a housing merchant and all the housing items and food/drink items are removed leaving only the torch (because it's a charm).  I'm not convinced this matches the tooltip description of showing "only items my class can use". It's technically acting as "only items my class can equip".

I probably sound picky, but the intended use of the filter is surely to exclude only things people can't use - leaving everything still of potential interest to them. I just think "where's OR not equippable item type" would given results which are more what people expect. But hey if you disagree, just change the tooltip text to reflect what it actually does atm.

5. Comparing to the broker window, you've now got inconsistent behaviour. In the broker window when first opened nothing is selected (highlighted) in the search results by default. Whereas in the merchant window it's default to selecting the first item.

However since the broker window already doesn't have a default selection, might that not be a simpler solution for the merchant window to fix points 2 and 3 above? Simply clear the selection highlight each time a filter is turned on/off?

6. Using any of the filters checkboxes puts the focus into the search text box (you see the cursor flashing). This in turn is breaking the ctrl-mouseover and ctrl-click behaviour on the icons of the items. Seems like this functionality for previewing appearance doesn't exist when the focus is off the main results list area.

This is confusing. Because what you naturally do at a housing, pet or mount merchant is:1) use a filter2) eyeball the results3) try to preview one of them that sounds interesting... but it doesn't work.

7. Could I make a request to please extend the number of items kept in the history you can buy back from? When selling a load of junk after an adventuring session, it's often a whole bag's worth or more. It's quite easy to sell so many you can't buy back one of the earlier items. I've had this happen to me a few times. Despite all the items being sold in one session (usually within 30 seconds flat), if you accidentally sold a master spell near the start you're stuffed (and that's putting it politely). Your then raising a petition to get it back again.

Also if you sell a stack of stackable items one at a time, in the buy back window they appear as single items. Maybe this is because it's keeping an exact history of what you sold, but it exaggerates the problem with pushing things off the buy back list.

8. I don't have the problem Chikkin is reporting with the "double click to sell" text being cut short. Just a guess but is the length of item names forcing a minimum width on the window for me? Because I can't shrink the window width enough to get this bug.

9. Double click to sell doesn't work for me! Not at all. I assume it means double click the items in the list, right?

10. A suggestion: if you could come up with shorter labels for the filter checkboxes, you could lengthen the text field for the search text. This would give more room for typing in search terms which would be no bad thing. The box is a bit small atm. Or use the space better maybe? For me the whole line of filters isn't centered, and there's dead space after the "My Class" text.

11. Nice to see "My Class" works for both adventuring and tradeskill.

12. I'm confused as to what would count as Unusable, that isn't covered by "not my class" already. I can only think of things which are level based. IF this is the only other reason for unusable, maybe it should just say "My Level" on the filter for clarity. But if there's another type of unusable please enlighten me, so I can test it.

13. If I take my low level alt to the tailor merchant in the Halas crafting area, both Hide Unusable and My Class are hiding armor pieces she can't wear which although she meets the level requirement are the wrong adventuring class for her. So it's doing the same thing.

However on the same merchant, the My Class option hides the tailor recipes but now Hide Unusable doesn't hide these. They are listed as red, she's not a tailor, and can't use them. Add this in with point 12 above and it's just not clear what results I'm going to get from the Hide Unusable filter. And I'm seriously reluctant to use a filter if I don't understand what it's hiding from me for fear of missing something! Just saying that's my gut reaction as a player - I think it needs to be consistent and clear what you're getting or the value of having that particular filter is lost.

Edit: Oh dear, please don't hate me for writing all that! SMILEY

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