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Chikkin wrote:

1. love search field - works awesome so far, with a  little  kink that it always leaves showing the very first item in merchant window even though it totally doens't match the search query

2. on the buy part -  checking "show only items my class can use" hides all the fuels,  might be intended but as a crafter I'd like an option to show fuels, that button seems to behave quite wildly, at first it  left me only with a torch, after more tries it also showed me kindling ( I'm a carpenter)

3. On sell part -  Double click t...   - that's all that shows, there is room to  spell out  the full Double click to sell, please make it so

Double click to sell - this button does not save my choice to  double click to sell, it would be awesome if it did, for consistency sake

4. Please add " Double click to buy back" on the buy back part  of window

5.  Search filter saves the text in it after closing window - not sure if that's a good idea, either add some sort of reset button to erase it fast or have the  window not save it,  we probably will be searching for different things more often than for the same ones

Thanks for the feedback! Wiping out those checkboxes after closing the window was indeed intended. While it would be cool to save it, I certainly wouldn't want to run into the issue where Double Click To Sell is active when you don't actually have a merchant in front of you. It still wouldn't let you sell anything, because you wouldn't be in a merchant transaction, but that would be really wonky for trying to equip gear and the like.

As for the search filter not clearing, that was my bad. I completely forgot to wipe the string out when the window closes. I'll get that change in soon and take a peak at the UI display for the other one. SMILEY

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