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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

Applo wrote:

Manashield and DA can both be dispelled.  That's hardly OP IMHO.

Says the OP Warlock... :p

If a druid or shammy is spec'd to S.S./Scourge, then yes, It will likely dispell. But chances are, in a BG they are gonna be healing, not debuffing.Perhaps a Rogue may hit with their dispell and snag the Mana Shield. But it may not happen.Sure another mage can Dispell Magic. But it may just dispell a different buff or heal effect on you too.There is a small % chance someone happens to have a Pumice Stone. But that is slim to none.That's about it for dispells, now.

I'd say about a 10% chance, overal, for that one buff to get dispelled by someone who is doing it specifically for Mana Shield. Chances that someone is gonna wait, just to dispell, instead of doing their job? 1%.

TBH there are a few classes that should be dispelling sorcerers and priests pretty much any chance they can, it makes a massive difference in taking them down. Sorcerers are super squishy without their magi's shielding.

As far as dispelling specifically for manashield, it's often done to me in PvP (not as often in bgs because less people know what they are doing).  Against other sorcerers that pop it, I more often than not dispell theirs because I cycle dispell into my rotation and most of their buffs are already gone.   Pumice stones are rarely needed in group fights if people are doing their job, though they can make a difference if certain classes are lacking (or slacking). 

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