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Maevianiu wrote:

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I don't really think it's supposed to be balanced so that a level 30 stands a chance against a level 89. The goal was to narrow the gap enough so that all lower level players could play together without it being completely ridiculous and pointless. So maybe 2-3 level 30s in full pvp gear can take out a level 89 warden or inquisitor or whatever. I'd call that fair.

And we have not forgotten the T4 crew. We are still working on more improvements!

Just put the t4 bg tier back.  Pretty simple.  It was the most popular tier and provided something very different than the cap tier.  There is a reason it was popular and the community was good. 

While a lot of the changes brought over from SWTOR were fine this one was not well thought out, especially since you allow locking at 89.

The reason it works in SWTOR is because you have a ton of people still leveling toons and you aren't allowed to lock at 49...eventually the bg xp will take you to 50.  And even then it barely works.  EQ2 is so old and had so many easy buttons put in that most people just power-level now and don't bother actually playing their toons til cap.  Leveling is so easy that re-gearing at each tier isn't worth it.  Easier to just get a friend to power-level you.  So, end result really is you have two tiers...89 and 92. 

Why not just give 30-39 back?  It was fine, you just needed to fix the matching system, add new gear and fix tundra.

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