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Monks have a group buff.

No they dont.

that is what is very commonly called a "raid wide buff", not a "group buff".

It is probably too hard of a conecpt for him.

Vinyard all plate tanks have both a raidwide as well as a group buff.  Brawler tanks were never given a group buff because we had an extra stance in our mid stance which really was slightly underused and useless (till recently it actually was useful on fiery feedback mobs.)  Since our midstance is being removed we should now get a group buff like all other tanks.

My suggestion is since we are getting screwed over for mit that brawlers get a 2k group physical mit buff.  If it is in fact Xelgads intention that since brawlers can reach plate mit levels strikethrough is being removed then this will help them actually reach plate tank mit levels as well as provide some group utility.

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