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personally, I'd rather the bans then what happened with Chelsith.

people did this in chelsith too. mages/necros plopped themselves down by the big goo, whre all the little goos spawn ad infinitum...and afk/go to bed/ do whatever while thier pets leveled them. the result was every one of those goos and all those annoying floating goos no longer give xp.

there are spots now that people use a merc to do pretty much the same thing. rather then rewritting code to make those mobs not give xp, or goign back and redoing merc code so they can tell how long a time is an 'afk leveling' flag and then auto do all the things you suggest...they are banning the offenders instead. I'd rather then ban hammer then removing spots were I can xp grind with a merc while I'm actually there to help the kills go faster.

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