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niteowl53 wrote:

So the question still remains, What is SoE's Official stance on selling Game Cards in game for plat?

/awaits answer

the question doesent still remain at all, for anyone to think they have to comment on the same topic over and over is rediculous.

smokejumper himself posted in at least 2 other threads on the same topic saying it was alowed, aslong as somone dont set up a website and put a hard value on SC.

he said to do it at your own risk and that its not supported

here just because people are to lazy to look for them selves.

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We really don't want to put a hard value on platinum to SC conversion rates, so we would probably only step in on this if we thought it was going to cause us legal headaches in the future. So...if kept on the low-down, it'll never cause problems. But if someone put up a website selling items officially with posted conversion rates, I have a feeling that legal might want to step in and stop it to avoid issues.

Make sense? Keep it person-to-person and I don't think this will ever be an issue.


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