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To those who are posting that they are bored with the game, or disgruntled over the lack of new content, nothing to do, etc., I have a simple question for you....

How long have you been playing the game, in terms of years, days per week, and hours per day (NOT including breaks more than a month or so)?

I think the main issue here is NOT lack of content, or new content and things to do.  I think the main problem is that many players have been playing this game non-stop and simply "WON" - reached the end.  The game is seven years old - that's longer than most relationships and marriages today!  

If you've been playing the game on average 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 5 years without ANY breaks, that's over 5,000 hours invested in EQ2.  I could easily see how a player could accomplish and do EVERYTHING in game during that time.  

Television series usually only run for 5-7 years, except for the really really good ones and even they eventually end for lack of content.  WoW, which was once hailed as "EQ KILLER" is facing similar issues with players growing bored and content lacking seven years later.

I started in EQ2 the day the servers opened.  Since that time, I took several breaks from one month to my most recent break, nearly 3 years.  I've been back since December and the list of things I want to do would take me years before I ever felt bored about the game like many of the responses here. 

Why?  Because the hours I have invested in the game so far are probably 1/8th of what most of the players have invested. I see players all the time with 9 level 90 adventurers and tradeskillers.  I look at myself, still 86, one alt that's in her 60's, three level 90 tradeskillers (one of whom was 80 before I took a multi-year break) and think I'm a "newbie" compared to half of the playerbase.

Simply put, I think most of the players responding here have invested far more time in the game over the past 7 years than SOE ever expected players to and development can't keep up with the demand for new content  

Please know that I'm NOT trying to sound condesending.  What I'm trying to do is provide another perspective on the current situation.  I'm pretty sure that if I did NOT take the breaks I did, I would have a different tune to sing, probably more along the lines of the posters above me.

Some players said "the game is not as fun as it used to be".  I can see that perspective, though I'm just the opposite.  I'm having MORE fun in EQ2 than I EVER had.  Then again, my play time is so limited (to 8-10 hours a week, IF I'm lucky) that to me, EQ2 is a major treat for me when I DO get to log in.  

My serious (non-condesending or trolling) question to all of you is WHY do you still log in if the game is no longer fun or if you find it boring?  Why not take up a different hobby, pursue another interest, and move on.  Why do you feel compelled to log in knowing in advance that there's nothing to do?  Your toons will still be here when you return.  You can still keep in touch with your friends outside of game, check the forums here once in a while to see what changed, long in your toon once in a while instead of every day, and perhaps after a break of some time, when you come back, you WILL find new things to do and the game WILL have that sense of excitement that it had many years ago.

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