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I don't see a lot of bots there these days, no, to be honest.  And they claim they will have major bot/gold farmer/spammer suppresion tactics firmly in place for the impending 3.0/F2P launch.

Mostly what I see is a complete madhouse of players running around in every zone, all the time.  It's like....Freeport used to be in this game.    You can barely even see the trade broker shugos through the crowds in town.

And the lowbie PvP zones have some sort of buffed shielding up so that high level gankers can't come through rifts and kill the lowbies.  The higher level zones (Baluslan, Heron, 30+ zones) don't always seem to, but Eltnen and Morheim (level 17-30) always seem to have those protective shielding buffs up for their home teams. Of course the Abyss is just open PvP from 25-55, period, and I personally don't mind that as the rewards and drops are so good even for just grinding the Balaur there, but you could always avoid that until end-game if you didn't like it.

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