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shots01 wrote:

Lack of content?  There is more than enough for me to do.  There is so much I have never even seen and I have been playing this game for over 6 years.

I used to say the same thing to everyone who said there wasn't anything to do anymore, I mean there are so many different things to do in this game.

I haven't been playing since launch, since I was still entangled in EQ1 up until Secrets of Faydwer, which is when we made the switch to EQ2. I enjoy pretty much almost every aspect of this game, when I ran out of things to do in DoV I started going back and hitting up all the stuff I missed when I was leveling up.

I have two characters that I enjoy playing, my main (Swash) and my alt (Fury). Both are 90 adventurers, 90 crafters with 320 aa's. I've even leveled up a 90/90/320 Necromancer that I don't enjoy playing anymore, and have leveled up roughly half of my husbands crafters. Along the lines I've also leveled up a 90 Troub(plus tradeskill) and a 90 Ranger which I no longer have.

All of my skills on my two toons are at 450 (except transmuting which I'm not interested in).

I've decorated both my toons houses, the guild hall and recently built my own dungeon.

I've run all the dungeons, and a few player dungeons, collected all the shinies that are still in game, I've done just about all the quests that are available to me - I've even farmed for quests that are initiated by drops off of mobs. All I have left now are seasonal event quests, the next quest in the line of The Fallen Swords (Endgame, which is listed on Questlist but I can't find), and 1 quest in Icy Keep: Retribution which I'll finish in day or two from now. The rest are drop initiated that I can't confirm that they even still drop in the game or not.

There are only 3 more pieces of loot I want from heroic instances.

I've also worked my way through the achievements window getting all the achievements that I can/am interested in, just missing a few raid zones and the two DoV HM heroic instances - some of which I probably am not able to achieve yet because of difficulty.

I've ran around collecting all the mercenaries (except the rare ones which I have had no luck finding up in their reported locations).

I tried the Beastlord, didn't enjoy it. (I've also tried pretty much almost all the other classes, and am happy with the two I have).

I am also working on my Tradeskill Apprentice recipes. (I've also got all of the recipes for both my crafters, excluding the TSA recipes I've yet to complete).

The past month or two I've nearly run out of things to do, the only things I have left to do (mentioned above) require at least a group to help with, and it's been hard getting that done because other people have stopped logging in as much as they used to because there's nothing left for them to do either - players who like to do it all are few compared to the ones that enjoy specific areas of the game more than others.

So I've found myself sitting in the guild hall with nothing to do, waiting for enough people to log in to hopefully get some more stuff done...

YOU might still have stuff to do, we both pretty much share the same playstyle, but I've accomplished nearly everything there is to accomplish and I'm out of stuff to do - so please stop being so condescending to the other players who have run out of things they desire to do in this game at this time. It's not lies, it's not doom and gloom, it's fact. The delivery isn't always the greatest, but that doesn't make it not true for some people.

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