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eh,Since this upcoming "expansion" isn't an actually expansion at all, just the addition of game features, they shouldnt sell it as a box but instead of the "features" account unlockable through SC.Normal expansions run ~$40 at release.  this "expansion" has BYOD, Beastlords, mercs, and AA increase.  Charge $10 for each individual feature.  want them all, its teh same price as an expansion.  Dont care about certain junk features, dont pay of them and enjoy yourself.

My thoughts on what they might do with the ala carte model (orig from another thread)

One other musing I had last night, and this might be a slim possibility also... (It sure is fun speculating though since SOE refuses to give us any

When they set up EQ2X it was somewhat modeled after the free trial that was on live. In that free trial you got all but the last expansion when you went from the trial to a sub on Live. Maybe...they wanted to give ALL the content to EQ2X but couldn't because they knew the Live people would have a cow that they were giving away the stuff we all paid for. Instead, they bided their time until they could roll out this "expansion" and let the EQ2X crowd have for free what we all paid for...content wise that is. 

This would allow them to sell the next "features" in whole, or ala carte, and on both services, for SC. They will couch it in terms:

"We really want to give our players the most for their money, that is why we have been giving away all the content now. In that same vein, we recognize that some of you may not want certain features that are in the new expansion, that is why we are going to allow you to purchase the features you want ala carte from the Station Store."

From then on, for both services, "basic" content is free, and everything new will be either "features" you can buy for SC, or "premium" content you can buy for SC. They will have effectivley went back to selling advernture packs, but just changed the name to "premium" content.

At this point, the only difference between subscribers on live and subscribers on Extended will be that Extended can buy doodads that are useful in the game. We will both have to pay for any new features or premium content we want.

Once they get us Live players used to the idea that we have to "pay" to get features (like an AA cap increase), especially if they are ala carte, they will push to make the live servers Extended using the argument:

"You all have been willing to purchase things like more AAs, or mercenaries, things that really make a difference in gameplay, so what is the difference between those and small things like power potions, health potions, rares, etc..."

The transformation will be complete...and it all started with a no content, feature only, expansion that they allowed us to buy ala carte.

How's that sound? lol

I'd put plat on this being how it will all eventually play out.

Yup i rather think thats about right spin and lots of it.

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