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Hisvet wrote:

Its too long now to wait for your city festival to come around again.

They should have them at the beginning AND end of each month perhaps reducing the days it runs.  Waiting half a real life year to get some tiles again is really painful esp as with the housing boards a LOT more people are decorating and having things to decorate.  Couple that with the large amount of housing available and its a nightmare.  Can't keep up on supplies for them.

Also, Maj'Dul has that area market as you zone in before crossing the bridge and going into the city proper.  It can safely be reached by Level 1's which is why they do things like put updates for Brewday and Erollisi Day there.

From a Decorators POV I agree with you ... 6 months is a long time.

From a Gold Farmers ingenuitive players (looking to make some dollars selling plat gold to buy new spells and armor) POV it is too short.

Its a pendulum when trying to force game play on others that don't share your specific agenda, it will swing against you as much as in your favor.  As well as other things, there are pieces of the game that some players will never be able to achieve.  Old quest rewards that no longer exist, Old WW event items that new players will never be able to get or Fanfair /claim No-Trade rewards that get sold to those that didn't attend.  I'd like to get many of the discontinued items in the game, like some of the paintings, but never will be able to.  Everyone needs to make their plat decorate with what they have avialable currently.

Following the same logic offered, make it easier for , I'd like raid mobs to hand over their armor without having to beat it off of them first.

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