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The Nights of the Dead festival being in Maj'Dul makes perfect sense and fits with the Lore. A city festival being held around the harbor of Sinking Sands might be ok as well.

As for any revamp of the city itself, please I beg you, No. The questlines which go through the DoF expansion are some of the most lore rich and well done questlines. Revamping this city would change what is so well done at this point. Getting a toon to level 50 can be done so quickly now it is not worth the risk of messing up major quest arcs and such rich story lines to allow noob toons in this area.

For the record I have successfully taken toons less than 10 adventuring level through Maj'Dul. You just have to watch for the kos thieves in the alley ways which I find is very on par for the lore of the city. Once you get faction going (which is more fun to do by handing off tokens to lower toons or buying them) its kinda fun to play street rat and see if you can avoid the kos guards of opposing factions while sneaking through the city from your faction house to the

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