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Eugam wrote:

mikbove wrote:

I would defo be up for a Maj'Dul city market.  Collections could give you a mini Sha'hir guard to go in your house.  

As for the markets location, well if I remember right all markets are usually based outside the actual hosting city, therefore I see no reason why it couldn't be placed on the Sinking Sands docks for example.  That area is relatively safe for noobs, with the exception of the crocs.  collection shinies could be found dotted along the shoreline.  I think another reason it might look quite cool is because it would feel like a seaside promenade, as in what you might see on a typical British seaside resort.  

If they have the resources they just could raise another island without aggro and add a carpet. Good place for beach parties and bbq

LOL yeps and have fireworks, lots of fireworks SMILEY  Personally I think would work fine outside of the city, not to mention some great opportunities to be had for getting house stuff that fits in with Maj Dul housing.  

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