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Bunji wrote:

darksummoner85 wrote:

nothing in Kryatoc fortress is awarding achievements same for Throne of storms all EM

Achievements for the Kraytoc Fortress / Throne of Storms (normal and challenge) modes will be fixed up with the next game update.  There will be achivements for both normal and challenge modes for both zones.

Are you talking about the next numbered game update (Ie GU61)? If so, that is simply ridiculous -- these achievements (which have been broken since launch) won't be fixed unitl basically 6 months after the content was introduced? Now understandably they're not exactly an important or major function of the game, but seriously is the system that complex that you guys can't fix them in a hotfix? They certainly seem easy enough for you guys to make (thus the hundreds of raid achievements for each mob and flawless and sense of urgency etc), why is it so difficult to fix the ones you already put in?

Seems like a perfect job for an intern. I usually try to avoid saying that anything related to programming the game and creating it's content is simple, but just based on the sheer numbers of those achievements that you guys have pumped out (look at all the Drunder ones, for example) I honestly cannot see this being a difficult process. Its obvious enough that all the descriptions are copy-paste (or script generated by name) since they're all the same and don't even make sense for the SoU or Flawless achievements. Of course theres other things that don't make sense, like:Tripumphs hooked up to a hodgepodge mix of heroic and raid stuff, arbitrary 60 minute times for SoU (which are buggy and sometimes some people get a SoU anyway even though the actual instance age is longer) but the thing that bugs me is just this pushing this change months back to a GU when it should be a simple fix.

You guys dropped the ball here, and for no apparent good reason. This is something that ought to be so simple to hook up that you can hire Intern Ricky to do it in a few days to cut his teeth on getting in to the game. If for some reason it's not that simple, then maybe there needs to be a discussion as to whether that many achievements need to be there and whether this is a sustainable system.

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