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No achievements at all for Foundations of Stone.  In Hall of Legends, Mordfrost, Kolskeggr don't update, nor does Primus Pilus Gunnr (which is also badly misspelled).  Nothing in Kraytoc's appears to update, except Frostbeard.

Heroic.  Maulhammer doesn't update, nor does Bob, but you fixed that.

Destiny of Velious Vanquisher (for raid achievements) doesn't have Kraytoc or the Statue of Zek.

Destiny of Velious Overachiever (the one for heroic achievements) has Arch Magister Mordfrost, Kreegar Krikneck, Bregedor Bitelimb, Legatus Prime Mikill, Cara Omica, Vindicator Soren, all raid mobs of one type or another.

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