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hansomepete wrote:

C ) please won't you think of the children? I'm sure it's been thrown out that 12 yr olds play too so your sending the age old standard flavor American responce out" Violence is OK but sex is something dirty, disrespectful and you save it for the one you love. IF they can see someone getting beat up then I would think that seeing a little ab skin on a chick would be nothing.

This game is not designed for 12 year olds, anything that might be "offensive" to them is 100% the reponsability of the person who registered the account for them.

Nayawk wrote:

If I remember correctly it was stated the revamp was dropped because they couldn't get it to work without fundimentally changing the look of player characters.  I can just imagine the fury these boards would see if it had gone ahead and people logged in to see their 5 year old character suddenly looking very much not like themselves. The complaining about people being about to view original models as soga and not as the player intended is bad enough... this would have been seen as the end times.

The whole point of the skeletal revamp was to change the appearance and animation of characters so I don't understand why characters looking different would be an issue.  I think the real reason they canceled it was because it turned out to be more complicated than they thought and they didn't feel like doing it.

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