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Who the hhell in their right mind thought it would be funny to make guardians cower in fear and roll up into a fetal position every time we cast hunker down or defensive minded?  Is that dev a SK by trade? 

GU57 - the largest phiss off the eq2 community in every possible way with fixes no one wanted, no one asked for, and no one needed, especially the stupidly over sized XP bar with the rehtarded SC button on it that will expand to full size any time you try to anchor it to the bottom left of the screen to get it out of the way.

Two years ago at Fan Faire we were promised fighter fixes.  TWO YEARS AGO AND THIS IS THE FLUFF YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING ON??????  The bean counters at SOE need to be fired for pushing this asinine update on the dev team becuase you will loose subscriptions over it. 

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