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Please don't take my poke at Pakis as hatred - I ahve anything but hatred for him and some of the other exiles I ahve grouped with prior to ther trek to the OTHER dark side (if we ahve cookies what do they have - fudge brownies with mythical icing??? mmm). Alot of them know what they are doing and know the game well.  I have always supported Haven as a third faction, at least on the pvp servers, with full city priv's - its really not as dark and dank as the original intent and the small hovel of Haven ahs sprung into a minor city with a VERY large population.  The devs should recat to the game as it is currently being played by not punishing exiles and destroting their community (and part of their paying player base) but rather react to what is and accept it - Haven is a faction, intended or not, and give them the same rights we have - likewise give us all classes.  

The attainment of mythicals by exiles is NOT easy mode but IT IS easier than city based faction due to the ability to have at their disposal more grouping options.  Could any exile guild have attained what they have attained as a faction based guild?  We will never know because they '(exiles accross all PVP servers) never recruited the dedicated players they needed - even though their are more than enough in Haven on Nagafen alone to field a city based raid force to complete the same content they had completed prior to exile.  Is it true that re-factioned exile guilds are as efficient at raiding when they returned to the city as when exiled with all classes? Did the return to the city with VP gear and or mythicals equate to city faction clearing?  I say no.  When one cometes in one arena and returns with knowledge, superior gear and better weaponry then the equation is not true.  Did they then not return exile?  Whilst they may believe they were going to be able to complete the same content as a city based guild they re-exiled the truth is that even the best of intentions do not hold true becuase said raid force was better equiped.  Does better equipment equate to etter skill?  Of course not but take the same two players at lvl 12, one in island gear and fully equiped with app1 and the other in MC and ad3.  The later would be a harder kill than the prior.  Albeit they would still prob die to a superior skilled player the duration of sustainment would be longer.  The only real proof that the raid content can be beaten by a city based guild - without exile support (people exiling to purchase mythical updates and then re-factioning themselves) will be when a city based guild does thusly.

Now to the obvious.  The claim that city based guld lack dedication and or skill is lame at best.  Pick up raid forces of casual raiders on blue servers are killing t1 raid mobs and better with all classes - I do not believe that anyone on a pvp server believes that the bluebies are as dedicated as those that play to end game on a pvp server.  We all ahve an air of superiority in that regard and rightfully so.  Whilst they look down their nose at us as creatins who love to "grief" and kill each other when some poor soul is engaged we say nay - quest completion on a pvp server is much more intense than on  blue server due to the constant danger or the "real" mobs that do not path in a predetermined or slightly random order. 

Open all classes on pvp servers, provide PVP armor to exiles (after all if pvp is the main reason people exile then I am sure some crafty crafters in Haven will ahve stolen FP and Q pvp gear and farmed it off to China, Taiwan, or India, for mass productionsale to the Havenites).  Signets and such city items should be allowed too. 

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