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I am hearing a lot of hate coming from the Venekor exile community here.I could understand if someone is an RP n a z i , but I would say they are wrong.  The RP n a z i s a minority of the playerbase that has serious rp issues with relatively neutral classes like rogues, coercers, & clerics being opened.  Most of the playerbase either has no rp issue with opening hte classes, or feels that resolving a critical class or alignment imbalance is more important than a small rp issue.I think the real problem with this issue is pure and simple hatred.  City players have given exile players so much blind hatred that all they know how to respond back with now is the same blind hatred.   It takes a lot of hard work raiding to beat VP.  Exiles feel they have made a major accomplishment by beating the end game PvP.  City factions feel they are cheated by the system and were never given a fair chance to compete against exile in PVE raiding.  Take a step back from the hatred & trolling and take a look at the heart of the issue.Does exile>City factions?  To find the answer ask 2 simple questions.Does access to all classes>PvP gear when PvE raidingDoes VP gear + Mythicals>PvP gear when PvPingIf the answer to both is yes then exile>city factionsTo restore balance there are few options.Destroy exile as an faction. This is a bad idea based on the foundation of punishing success and doesn't fix city factions problems with raiding.Improve city PvP items.  This is a bad idea as the token system is very flawed and rewards bad behavior like camping a soknar post with a small raid.Give away mythicals for tokens.  This is a bad idea for the same reasons as improving city pvp gear.Open all classes.  Would [Removed for Content] off a handful of RP n a z i s, but would fix the problem.Add code to allow city factions to mimic missing classes.  Like opening all classes but more complicated, more code, more balance issues, and more bugs to deal with.Looking at all the options to fix the issue exiles from Venekor should support opening all classes to city factions.Guilds should have a bit of respect for clearing the end game raid zones, but this will never happen as long as exile remains the only functioning raid faction and the factions all play under separate and unequal rules.
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