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Disgustipate wrote:
 I think opening all classes to both sides is a little drastic, when I think that the bulk of the desire for it really stems for what is perceived(and in reality probabaly is) the inability for faction based guilds to get mythicals. I think there are less drastic, and easier(Which is important to keep in mind when discussing Sony's desire to think about PVP players) way to solve this, like making mythicals in part PVP-token based, or allow factions to get versions of spells like dispatch/various stacking buffs/etc. that they normally couldnt.
I disagree with this.  Classes are the simpler solution.  If we gave inqys the ability to cast templar spells and swashies the ability to dispatch then the blue servers would want these abilities too.  Just taking the city betrayal quest one step farther would IMO be the easiest and most cost effective solution forSOE.  Allowing all classes to CHOOSE the city they want to live and fight in would be a boon for PVP too - bluebies might become more interested in PVP servers if they could play the classes they wanted to for either city. 
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