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Paikis wrote:
If you're getting all classes to raid, then exile's need pvp gear. After all if raid gear is soooo much better, we wont use the pvp gear right?
Pakis buddy, start paying attention to the forums instead of gloating at yourself in the mirror: I have said YES to pvp gear for exiles and YES to signets for exiles too.  After all Haven IS a third faction, has all the other amenities of city life (mostly) so YES.  Give us all classes like the exiles and you get what we get - every one wins.  The whole FP Qeynos war thing was always weak lore anyhow.  Every blue server gets to raid, and progress, with all classes so should we - bloody population is so low the main city raid forces have a heck of a time finding people interested in raiding to actually raid it.  Furthermor PVP gets stimulated cuase we can pvp on the class we choose to pvp on.  Code should be simple enough to implement - you betray to class ABC and rebetray and clich I choose to Stay a X or I would like to become a Y.
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