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Krakelkrak wrote:
Paikis wrote:
Krakelkrak wrote:
Nice parses. Well done. Any troubs up for the challenge?

Since its been 3 days now and no one has shown any parses which beat mine, I'm going to assume that means its OK for me to keep my snooty superior attitude. Just so you know too, I removed every piece of raid gear I had, including my mythical and reparsed the wall using the Carrotidcutter and Anaphylaxis... i got this:

Allies: (00:45) 2835.07Paik 2835.07


I reckon %-wise most of that is autoattack?I'd be hard pressed to better that myself being a dps class. But I blame it on the messed up ranged AA, not my city factionSMILEY
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