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I resent having to kite, given that we have one, count it, one, bow attack. Besides the word "Swashbuckler" doesn't really inspire visions of arrow flinging. However, the option is available and frankly, one of the only garaunteed ways to win.  However, it is *so much* easier to win via kiting (if you know how to move around that space well, comes from years of learning how to kite in small places in EQ1) that the kiting approach borders on the absurd.  You should *not* be finishing the Pit Champion with almost full HP's, that means he poses no risk.  But that's exaclty what kiting does. However, it is within the realm of allowable by the skills we have and it does take some skill. Which is better than certain other means Triccer may have refered to. Can he be beaten by swashies? Yes. But he also demonstrates our single biggest weakness.  Our debuffs/interrupts are just not, well, as useful as they should be against a mob of this type.  We need something extra.  Either better avoidance (could risk being too good a tank), or better debuffs (risks being too powerful).  Or better, a mob scaled to Scout capabilities.  Or, if they want us to kite, give us more than one skill line in bow attacks. It's that or it demonstrates just what the flaws are in the current combat balance of classes. For the record, toe-to-toe, I have gotten the Pit Champion down to about %5 health.  He *is* beatable this way, but it takes a TON of luck and careful timing.  I ended up forcing myself to kite this bad boy a bit, just a bit, plus consume a fortunes worth of health potions.  My swashy pride wouldn't let me finish him with a bow SMILEY
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