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Damager wrote:

Correct me if im wrong but SK can spec 3 death prevents that is up all the time? No?

You're actually wrong here.  To my knowledge, the exploit that previously allowed three trigger BLs has been fixed.  Furthermore, they cannot recast BL while in combat, meaning the fight has to end (or they have to die) before they can recast it.  And further, the recast on the BL does not begin until the two triggers are consumed.  It's not like Tenacity where the recast begins as soon as you cast it.

Ok so that was just an exploit that SKs enjoyed for a couple years got it now they only have 2 deth prevents that are up all the time, But if the SK dies can he cast it again before he attacks during the fight same as using a mendor bot etc? i mean seriously just have a swash put his 30s of immune to everything up have him tank till SK is back ROFL!

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