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Please consider making both prestige tree conversions the same, whether it be 12pot>1cb, 3cb>1pot or whatever. As it is now, you're basically forcing everyone to go right side or suffer a huge hit to CB (in comparison to the paltry +potency given by the left side's 3cb>1pot conversion), therefore penalizing people for making different class builds. Having equal prestige conversions would also make balancing prestige trees much easier.
And if there's any class that needs this the most IMHO, it's tanks. Currently, tanks will have an even MORE difficult time holding agro, with everyone now getting a massive boost to CB from the pot>cb conversion, while fighters (left side prestige) will be further left behind. Allowing tanks' left side prestige to benefit from the pot>cb conversion would greatly increase their threat and dps output. This would make tanking for new players much less difficult/frustrating, and god knows this game needs more people to play tanks. Thanks.
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