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Fixed multiple overland NPCs who were spawning underground or fish spawning above water.

Tranquil Seas
Fixed an issue where Phantom Seas discovery point would not update correctly on the Northern Border of Tranquil Seas.
Removed the wandering high level Akhevan from Deathweave Island.

Phantom Seas
Fixed an issue where there were two instances of Hidden Beach in Phantom Seas.

Ossuary of Malevolence
Fixed an issue where Cruor Vitae and Skeletal Obscenity were occasionally too powerful in Ossuary of Malevolence: Primordial Altar.
Fixed issue where Ascended Sentry's Deathly Scream was hitting harder then intended in Ossuary of Malevolence: Resonance of Malice.
Fixed an issue where certain Primordial Malice Cultist in Ossuary of Malevolence: Primordial Altar would hit significantly harder than they should.
Fixed an issue where the Deathly Ushers had too high health.

Brokenskull Bay: Bilgewater Falls [Heroic]
Duncan Togglecog's bladestorm add have had their health slightly increased.
Captain Berlon Bilgewater should not cast his curse quite as often.
Captain Berlon Bilgewater should no longer turn his summoned ghost ship when aiming it at a specific direction.
Balanced incoming damage for all bosses.
Balanced health for all bosses and adds.

Brokenskull Bay: Hoist the Yellow Flag [Heroic]
Captain Krasnok's Cannoneers can no longer be damaged by normal means.
Triage medic Halen can no longer be damaged when he is bandaging his wounds.
Balanced incoming damage for all bosses.
Balanced health for all bosses and adds.

Wards now gain the full effectiveness from Crit Bonus.
Wards now can be affected by the new critical types. When they apply as a bonus critical type, they will display a log line in the Chat Channel for Critical Heals.
Shadow should no longer have cast times on its abilities.
Power from the Soul now properly requires 5 points spent in Undeniable Power.
Guarded Awareness, Accuracy from Strength, Power from the Soul, Mystical Redirection and Vitality to Strength now properly apply their effects. They also can now activate from the use of any ability, rather than Beneficial Spells and Attacks only.
Tempered Body is now Weapon of the Mind. It now improves Potency based on Weapon Damage Bonus and Spell Weapon Damage Bonus.

Quests in Phantom Seas have accessories and weapon rewards.
Daily Solo and Heroic dungeon missions are now available from mission givers in Tranquil Sea within Sapswill's Rest and in Phantom Sea just off Wanderer's Dock on Kithicor Island.
Charming an apatadon or saliraptor while in combat in"The Allu'thoa Front" and "But Can They Open Doors?" should no longer break the encounter and cause the target to despawn.
Nuwat should now be present in Merinep regardless of signature line progression, until the completion of his quest line.
Overseer Clackwhinge should offer to complete Research and Recovery at his location in Sapswill's Rest even if the signature line has been progressed past that point.
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