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This update is expected to hit Beta around midnight PST.

Fixed an issue where the streaming client could crash when managing assets in the new overland zones.

Equipment Sets are a new feature intended to simplify equipment management and remove the need for clunky equipment swapping macros.

Players may access Equipment Sets via the new Sets tab in the Equipment and Appearance sections of the Character window. A maximum of 20 Equipment Sets (10 Adventure/Tradeskill, 10 Appearance) can be created. Creating a new set will copy your existing gear to it. Equipment Sets can then be equipped via the "Equip" button in the Equipment Sets window or with the slash command /equip_equipment_set [0|1] "[Set Name]", where 0 is an adventure/tradeskill set and 1 is an appearance set.

/equip_equipment_set 1 "Pretty in Pink" would equip an appearance set "Pretty in Pink" (and you know you are!).
/equip_equipment_Set 0 "Max DPS" would equip an adventure/tradeskill set named "Max DPS."

Items that are a part of an equipment set will display tooltip information indicating such and also have a background color to help prevent accidental obliteration.

Known Issue: Currently, when opening the Persona window you'll be unable to scroll down the Stats pane unless you first switch to the Sets tab and then switch back to the Stats tab.

Added option to default applying Adornments to manual selection. You can find this option under User Interface - Game Options - Manually Select Items to Adorn.

Experience rewards in many contested dungeons will be reduced for players over the intended level.
Pirate Cove and Cathedral of Bone Solo and Advanced Solo dungeons will now allow 2 grouped players into the same instance.

Ssraeshza Temple [Solo] and [Advanced Solo]
Poxrata's adds are no longer immune to control effects.
The Earthen Behemoth's adds are no longer immune to control effects.
Kavis Set'Ra's Wave of Poison should inflict less damage less often.
Luclinite Fangs should inflict much less damage now.
The Earthen Behemoth's ability, Earthbound, should no longer outright kill you if left uncured.

Castle Highhold
It should now be clearer what spheres must be activated to reach Sa'Dax Senshali when he teleports skyward.

Brokenskull Bay: Bildgewater Falls [Solo and Advanced Solo]
Lady Bipsie no longer summons bouncers that are the incorrect level for her encounter
Lady Bipsie now gives a few more seconds to avoid her Long Distance Relations spell
Smooth-Talkin Duncan Togglecog no longer summons bladestorms of the incorrect level
Captain Berlon Bilgewater no longer summons crewmembers of the incorrect level
All bosses have been taught how to punch, kick, bite, cheat, steal, etc… Just all around more piratey!
Corrected some issues that caused some pirates to show as triple up encounters
Corrected some issues that caused some pirates to have more hit points than intended
Corrected the revive points for both solo zones to send you to the correct zone
Brought back the rum, apparently it was gone.

Weaponsmith recipes now use the correct reaction arts.

ROIs have been added to overland quests in Tranquil Sea.
Ceremonial Vestments and Condiments - Midner's Allu'thoa High Shaman Illusion can no longer be hidden.
Putting Down the Walking Dead - Quest journal has full text.
Momentary Peace for Bloody Kithicor - Quest journal has full text.
Coin in Remembrance - Quest journal has full text.
Shattered Seas: Dark Threats on Dshinn - Quest journal has full text.
Field Bandage - Directions to the impromptu beach camp has been corrected.
Shattered Seas - Dark Forest of Legend - Quest journal has full text.
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