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Gninja bro. We need stronger training dummies. Even if it means having to guild level to get them, please. These die in like, 10 seconds for our DPS classes. No way to test new abilities to their fullest without a dummy that can live long enough.

Give them like, 10x as much HP at least.

Also if it could be a mob with no buff packages or anything that auto attacks for a modifiable 100 every second, that would make testing even easier.

are you using the normal or the epic training dummies

I am sure everyone in Equilibrium uses the Epic dummies, as they would likely 1 shot the heroic ones. (but I don't mean to speak for them of course)

For example, if I am doing ~500k on an Epic dummy it dies in about 25 sec.  If I am trying to work on my rotation on a single target fight it makes it very difficult because I have to throw up multiple dummies and swap between them in order to continue the fight, and that just increases variability between the parses.

Most dps in Equilibrium or Revelations or whatever top guild are doing substantially more than I am, so I would imagine that they have an even more difficult time because the dummies just die too quickly, and you can't apply debuffs etc because they are dead before you have time to go through your regular rotation you would use on a named fight.

If the devs would just add a lvl 100 dummy that had somewhere around 250-500 million hp it would be good for solo, but would still not really be enough for a group to practice on.  Really though, I don't think that is as much of an issue though, as it would just be really nice to get something for solo practice, and I don't see many groups wanting to take the time outside of raid to work on rotation, etc. (would be nice, and maybe it's just me, but I don't see that happening).  Preferably, they could create a dummy that had a modifiable amount of hp, but that's likely a pipe dream because I am not sure they would want to take the time to code that.

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