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[email protected] wrote:


always has been , always will be best race. 

Small body

temp speed increase 

perma safe fall 

long jump and glide from height so useful so often.

race traits are good for all classes.  

LOL true that there are nice fluff items with certain races...but you can also get gear that do the same thing SMILEY

Its really all what you want to look at personally...If you look at my profiles, I am partial to High Elves and Fae. Why? Cos I love the character races....not for what they have. If that were so I would have made my dirge something else,,,but I am HIE cos I like the look.

Just remembere no matter what you will be the one playing the character and looking at it constantly if you like the look then go for it and play what you want to play. They took it out a long time back where racial characteristics actually impacted the everything can be met with gear...tinkered or looted.

For the post quoted, the small body can be shrunk with lon potion or the billy doll vet reward, temp speed increase thru totems, perma safe fall thru Fae Wing Cloak/Harvester Cloak/Gnomish parachute etc, and long jump/glide with the tinkered jumpy boots. Only thing missing is the coolness of the fae SMILEY

Play what you like and have fun!! That is what truly matters!

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