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Yes i know there a bunch of posts on choosing your race but i didn't seem to find any that were dated past SF. So I'm hoping to get some opinions on the new changes and hopefully from someone who maybe changed races.

I prefer to play gnomes but they didn't seem to get any racial traits at all that would help this class. Mainly what i worry about is mana regen. Defiler gets canni but Mystic doesn't seem to get anything that helps this. Gnome didn't get any of the traits that help this either. Erudite seems to have the best mix but they look like aliens with arangatang arms and i really don't wanna play one.

How much will it hurt not having wisdom and mana regen traits end game?

*edit* after making a gnome i noticed they get mental breach trait that regens mana. This wasn't listed on the ZAM site i was looking at for traits.

Feel free to delete this topic at your leisure.

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