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samejima wrote:
That guy is not a dev nore does he know what hes talking about, if you go over 1050 in a stat you still get benifit which would mean its not a hard cap.
uhhhh...As someone with an assassin as a main I have to tell you that the hardcap is 1070.  Diminishing returns up until this point, that is to say that the dimishing returns curve is always there, however for low STR you now get more benefit than you did before the addition of dimishing returns, the break even point, as a dev put it, the point where you get roughly the same benefit now as you did before is around 600 STR.

Dymus wrote:
Stat Caps•    All stat cap maximums have been increased from [ 7 * Level + 20 ] to [ 15 * level + 20 ]
That is a hardcap, that guy IS a dev, and that post comes from here.By the way, STR makes a big difference to all melee damage.  Be it auto-attack or a CA (not spells, nor most procs).STR is my domain as an assassin, and I'm pretty confident I know what it is used  for :smileywink:On the subject of the BP;  a very nice BP, the focus' on single peices of EoF fabled are almost universally pointless.  Everyone complains, but you have to admit that the raw stats tend to make them worthwhile.Also I would like to point out that the healing pulse abilities don't seem to be exact figures added on to healing spells.Aanyway, chill dudes, chill. :smileyindifferent:

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