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BeatinGuts wrote:

Hehe, I deny the chain relic BP drops, even as backups. I was luckly enuf to get a nearly full set of Doomseer early off (garr, no mantle still) and other chain wearing classes get much better relic BP's from the pattern.

I wouldnt say the EoF BP itself is worse than relic... and depending on your choice of stats its on-par with Doomseer. The relic focus will definitly be better overall since the haste debuff is used more often than the poison debuff, but you could theoretically get more damage from the EoF one since its applied to an AoE.

All I'm saying is considering its mit, resists and its part of a set piece, I would be extatic to get it. I wouldnt go to multiple forums saying how bad it is like the op did.

I'd rather congrat the OP then say how bad he has it. SMILEY So Congrats!

you seem to have misunderstood me, i didnt say the stats or the set bonus is bad, and i was extatic to get the bp, but the focus is bull[expletive haxx0red by Raijinn], and you retardedness shows in your support of the focus. TY, and have a good day

ohh, the reason its in both multiple forums is because i wanted 2 different types of responses, one from the community as a whole, and a more educated response form just the defiler community

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