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The Rune Victim Skull.... I'm over it actually.  Leave it in game and as is.  I'm OK with it being a choice with a stat loss.  Upgrade it so everyone has one again and that would totally blow.

On the flip side, that item forced me to revamp my playstyle and I'm better for it.  I never really thought I relied on mez so much till they took it away.  I see Mez as an interupt now or a way to help me stretch a field out.  Illys have an ungodly amount of temps.  I think it would surprise most people to know that even a full 10 second mez is not enough time to fully temp up as an illy.

And btw.... I BG in hopes of seeing people like Vaco and Delethen on the other team.  It's fun to die when you have great fights and amazing when you pull a win off against them.  People follow good players around, which makes the task of killing them that much more entertaining. 

There are only 3-4 Illy's that actually BG/PvP anyway, so whatever.

The PvP issues are known and will be worked on "when time allows".


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