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Hi Delethin,

now that CC has been nerfed, mez only lasts 10seconds, stifles last 2 or so seconds and same with stuns.. I think they should remove that item completely.. atm a good chanter is going to have no chance against someone like you because his class defining spell "mez" isn't going to work.. and by the time he can cast it again (when you are no longer immune to mez), you'd have cut him open.

But, if you didn't have the item, you still have a fair chance of killing them, and probaly would still kill him even if it was one of the best PvP chanters in game, as you are top of your class. It would be a fair fight.

What clickable items does a chanter get to stop your class defining abilities.. maybe if he had an item that disarms you for 8 seconds?

they do need to remove the fear/choke items.

Illusionists are actually really hard for me, i've had a few nightmare fights with exur who can cycle through all the different stuff to grim effect.  On that note, even if I used it to break mez he could still stun me or detarget.  The skull does help a lot though.  I have killed exur without it but it was horrifically close and probably needed a large slice of good fortune on my part.

Oh, and as for the item that disarms me for 8 seconds, illusionists kind of do - that pet stifle is highly problematic.

yes, exur is one of the best active pvp chanters in game.. so a fair matchup without the mez cure.. the stifles only last a couple of seconds and stuns/roots are all nerfed too... now that an illusionists time warp is not working also, it's even harder... also you can use signets which last for 1min to 1.5min immune to stifle/stun/root..

edit: of course freedom of mind / action pots can be used, and you can even mez him too as soon as his mez breaks, so you can cure a detriment or 3

you can stun him, and detarget him more than he can detarget you.. except he's squishy and his spells aren't as fast as CAs.

The Rune Victim Skull was one of the items that destroyed the game for enchanters + the temporary pvp items that make you immune to mez for a few seconds + the item that procced immunity to control effects for 10 seconds. Signets have always been a pain for lots of classes too.

The worst part is CC have been extremely nerfed yet these items still exist.

BG PvP is not the same as openworld though, you should transfer to nagafen before the expansion

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