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i think we need to stay away from CC/Immunity procs in pvp.. the classes themselves have enough abilities and having "special" gear that only some people have is going to be OP or add too much randomness and less skill (which is what the last pvp update was focused on).. but.. 3-5sec taunt immune 1/min does sound do-able so i agree with that... one other problem with dropping special adorns is PVE players will complain in BGs... but it's still a good idea imo

i think dropping tokens is ok.. but it should only match in total the amount of tokens you could get from grinding BGs none stop.. and thats assuming you killed all of these heroic mobs and raid mobs that i'm talking about. You wouldn't be able to farm them easily to gear yourself out as other people would be hunting them.. it will encourage PvP type people to go looking for them.. if they dropped gear that no one would use in both pvp or pve, no one is going to kill them.

The Heroic mobs would be very rare spawns.

the amount of tokens i proposed is still pretty negligible... but a really rare chance of dropping a T3 piece, or even T2 should be available too (from the raid versions).

p.s. rare chance of dropping masters could work too

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