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Please just listen .. i did post this in a few threads over the "years".

1. Random Mob spawns in RoK zones... "The giant anaconda spawns in Kunzar Jungle"... red message server wide...

this happens every 2 hours in random RoK zones (out of sync of the WF).. the mob is x2 (killable by a good group but has Massive amounts of HP, would take take 10mins to kill.. if attacked with an x4 you will get no loot.

it will drop say 250 tokens to each person, and also have a chance of droping fabled loot.. even PVP T3 armour... but a very rare chance (and should be smart loot obviuosly).

2. There should be random spawns of Heroic mobs across all RoK zones.. these (although heroic) should be possible to kill with a well geared toon solo, or with a "noob" group... this will promote solo PvP and bring back "roaming" for PvP in both solo and group. This mob will drop something like 50 tokens. It should be a rare spawn and not in a fixed place.. it should also path the zone.

3. Although i don't think this is neccesary to make PvP as it was.. every few hours (6?) an x4 could spawn in a random zone.. killable by a very good x2, but with no hard strats, just massive amounts of HP so it takes a long time to kill. this should give a server wide message also.. it should drop T3 loot and give lots of tokens.

4. WF should give 300+ Tokens for a win, 150 every 2 hours???? is not enough... we don't even bother doing it.. it's like going to work for less than minimum wage SMILEY

This will bring open world PVP, and also groups and solo's will roam zones incase the mob spawns in the zone they are in.. then they will have a faster chance at killing it...

i honestly believe this will work.. roaming openworld pvp was what made PvP in EQ2 the best out of any game... 

also I would like to add:

The lvl 43 fear items that proc Fright (long duration fear) need to be restricted so they dont work on lvl 74+.. currently it says the resistability increases over 74 (or 73 not sure), but due to resists not working (which is good i might add) the items proc. There was no point removing the fear buff from guild halls if this gear works.

Along with the "Choke" items (6sec stifle in pvp)

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