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5. continuation of Shattered Seas: Enter the Savage Lands - Once you help pygmies by the showre in Gawgava and get to Nuwat Pickletrade he also updates Shattered Seas: Enter the Savage Lands. It changes into help Nuwat battle Allu'thoa on South Dshinn.

Quests from Nuwat Pickletrade -1025, 98, -171
5.1 Discarded Deinos - retrieve 8 sacred deino boned from Allu'thoa, piles of bones at:
-1293, 131, -699; -1207, 88, -649; -1206, 121, -563; -1270, 98, -593; -1252, 83, -491; -1284, 87, -489; -1225, 76, -451 all location refresh and can be clicked again. Return to Nuwat.
5.2 Raw Materials - collect 20 trinkets from Allu'thoa, these are various items dropping in small chests. Return to Nuwat.

5. Continuation of Shattered Seas: Enter the Savage Lands - speak to Nuwat again, after helping him you insist on info about Greymast and he insists he doens't know, maybe. He finishes this quest.

6. Shattered Seas: Journey to Zavith'loa - Nuwat gives you a hint to enter Zavith'loa, lizardmen's home and search for the captain. go to Zavith'loa: The Hidden Caldera at -1263, 79, -726. "Force your way through to find Greymast"

more on this maybe after the Caldera is finishable, right now it boots players to character select after defiling a statue.
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