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4. Shattered Seas: Pirates' Plot - Karrabukk sends you to collect 12 evidence of Far Seas Traders - this is in an instance Brokenskull Bay: Bilgewater Falls. Fly to bay to the east of village on the norteast shore and click on raft to go to BSB:BF solo. Loot 12 Far Seas items like Coin Pouch, compass or flagon etc. (group update) from mobs, they are a body drop but do not always drop. Kill all 4 named along the way on both sides of pirate town. Then find a living Far Seas trader in there. This is Pella Saltbreeze at 71, 129, -264. She's surrounded by a group of pirates, as you approach she kills them all, talk to her for update. Search for the important pirate object. Kill captain Bilgewater (stand behind him when he summons adds and kill extra crewmembers first), loot magical chest key from body, use key on chest in forge room. You get zoned into small treasury, click artifact (ornate vase) between 2 pools of water. You receive Ancient Arcane Artifact, find it in bags and examine it, you will be attacked by Agent of Freeport for goodies (Agent of Qeynos for evils?) , defeat the attacker, go back and speak to Karrabukk the Elder (to exit instance go back to boats and click raft). He sends you to Far Shore, which is the abandoned ship off shore at 1247, 8, -545 talk to Pella on board. She finishes the quest and starts next part of Shaterred Seas.

5. Shattered Seas: Enter the Savage Lands - Pella gives you a tip where Greymast went: pygmy island of South Dshinn. Land around dock or so of pygmy village at -617, 6, 251, search for signs of Cpt. Greymast ( click on row boat at southern small dock -634, 7, 335), talk to pygmy Guldri nearby, after convo with him quest changes into help Guldri in exchange for his help.

Quests from Guldri
5.1 A Deinodon is Angry - find an "angry" deino, this is a rampaging stegodon, or a rampaging ipsumodon, any "a rampaging" roaming deino with a sick steamy green effect around him, kill one, then kill 6 more rampaging deinos. Return to Guldri
5.2 A Deino Saved is a Deino Earned - gather tar from the pits (around -932, 34, 249) mouse over pool of tar till your cursor changes into hand, click to gather tar. Then gather deino bones - these are large bones standing upright in the tar pit. Return to Guldri. He makes you a deinodon tar trap (item put into inventory) and sends you to speak to Yurwri at -709, 14, 259. He tells you to use the trap on rampaging deino, he comes along. When you use trap on deino it falls over, click him to examine deino, Yurwri examines it and gets some poison on himself. He asks you yo take him to Finze at -690, 27, 152. Fenzi needs you to gather gendri stalks from around tidepools to the south (tall grasses with sparkly effect in water pools, not trackable) Return to Finze.

Quests from Finze (open after finishing A Deino Saved is a Deino Earned)
5.1 Now That's The Spirit! - use Finze's fetish (device given) on rampaging deinos near death ( less than 20%), again any "a rampaging" deino will do. Return to Finze
5.2 A Tail of Two Trails - this quest opens after rescuing Starque. Finze tells you that other pygmies in camp to the north have some information on person you are looking for (Cpt. Greymast) so speak to Nuwat in that camp and on the way kill every last lizardman you see. Kill 20 Allu'thoa. Speak to Nuwat pickletrade at -1025, 98, -171 to finish this quest.

Quests from Zedj (-672, 16, 361) open after completing Guldri's A Deinodon is Angry
5.1 The Allu'Thoa Menace - kill 7 Allu'thoa watchers on cliffs to the north above village. Then kill Allu'Thoa dispatcher. There's a couple of those mobs, non aggro, around -752, 148, 11, when you get close he poofs) - and you get message that the dispatcher is fleeing. Follow/chase him north to -856, 173, -102 where you get ambushed by 3 of them. Kill them and return to Zedj.
5.2 Preparation for the Pygmy Wars - collect 15 vines, you get this by flying through sparkling spots on vines hanging from palm trees on cliffs above village (message: you grab a vine as you travel past), next grab a deino bone from tar pits, the same large pointing up bone as for other quests, put together weapons on bone table to the left of Hyggin. Return to Zedj
5.3 Starque Raving Mad - rescue Stargue the deino rider from lizardmen. He is tied to a burning pole at -1205, 120, -576. Click him to untie, he will follow you, need to escort him back to Bawgava to Zedj. Zedj finishes the quest and informs you that Finze was looking for you.

Quests from Lagni (-699, 7, 290) - open after completing Guldri's A Deinodon is Angry
5.1 - A Toast, To The Far Seas! - collect 8 gava berries. They look like Wild Flameflower, green tall plant with 3 stalks full of flowers on the northwest cliffs of this island. Then collect 8 monster hops. These are tall green/yellow plants ( like Tunarean trumpetleaf) around -825, 161, 45. Go to a small bucket on the ground at -694, 7, 284 and mash the berries and hops. Talk to Lagni.
5.2 Hiding from Deinodons - you need to gather materials for him to make tapestry. Gather deinodon bone - this is one of the large pointy bones sticking up from tar pits. Then you need to craft a skining knife. You do this using large bone table next to Hyggin at -706, 8, 289. You get a bonecrafted skinning knife put in inventory. Speak to Silent Shaman at -630, 34, 143. He blesses your skinning knife. Now kill an aged deinodon ( roaming mob: an aged apatadon a non aggro and white in color long necked dyno spawns around -1301, 13, 381 and moves out in the open area) and using your blessed knife skin it ( click it). Return to Lagni.
5.3 Handle with Care - Lagmi asks you to deliver packagae with gifts to Waulon Highpebble on Isle of Refuge in Sapswill and beg him to bring his ships with trades again to pygmy village. This quest also awards a primer with Gymy language. Talk to Highpebble and return to Lagni.
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