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Tried this earlier today for the purposes of the sig quest line.

toon info: using better gear than the buffer/purchasable beta gear, but not raid level, well adorned. Conj. using Monk merc and Fiery pet.

Random mobs seem to one shot my character. Seeing a LOT of them completely ignore my merc and pet and come straight after me. First named (can't remember his name, bill or something like that) ran up on me, but still took him out without much issue, he and a couple of pulled (in error) adds. The Navigator named guy, again, not much of an issue, but perhaps longer than a 'solo' boss should last. Gave up on Blipsie after 3 tries, her bouncers COMPLETELY ignore my merc and pet and one shot me, not to mention they multiply waaaaaaay too quickly - by the time the first 2 had spawned and killed me, another 2 spawned. A side note here, the 2 drinking mobs perched next to Blipsie - one can be range pulled without issue, the one closer to the named pulls the boss; perhaps instead of having the named spawn adds, have these 2 mobs be part of her fight and leave it at that. Aside from random ultra crit'ing from mobs, the rats are reeeeeeally hard hitting, like brutally so.

As for proposed revive points..... a revive point at the vertical level of the forge in that area would be a great place.

As for the rest of the instance, I didn't complete it. Way too frustrating and inconsistent at this point. I suspect the mobs are treating mercs too much like pets are treated, thus the ignoring factor - not seeing this issue in the open world so much, but very much an issue in this instance.
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