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I just ran some tests with the changed AA's.  The results aren't great.

Guardian's Interception

50% damage reduction at 50 increments is fine, as long are you're able to consistently get to 50 within a reasonable amount of time--say, 60 sec during a raid boss mob fight.

Champion's Glare

Champion's Glare adds to Provoke a 100% chance to generate 1 increment.  

It no longer adds 6 increments when GI is cancelled, nor does it add a 45% chance of gaining an additional increment when someone in the group takes damage.

While the Provoke change makes the ability less situational, the loss of the previous abilities, and more than anything, the fact that we now get to keep at most 50% of the accumulated increments when GI is used renders this an overall nerf.

Previously, as long as you had less than 24 increments, you'd actually gain increments, quickly at first, then more and more slowly, by using GI.  Now, conversely, you're able to build up increments at a steady rate no matter whether you have more or less than 24 increments, but you end up being able to use GI much less frequently.

If the group is hit by one AE every 45 seconds (pretty standard in raid fights these days) and Provoke is used every 5 seconds, roughly, we're talking 18.7 increments per minute, or to paraphrase, 2.7 minutes to build up to 50 increments--and do keep in mind, that isn't taking AE blockers into account.  I believe 60 sec effective reuse would be appropriate for GI, so in my view, the gain rate is only about a third of what it should be.

At any rate, no matter what, Champion's Glare remains absolutely essential.  As things stand, Provoke is currently the primary source of increments; without those 12 increments per minute, you won't be getting anywhere at all with regards to accumulated increments.

Champion's Shout

Both the marginal threat component as well as the theoretically nice incoming healing bonus component necessitate that we keep CI running fairly long.

On the other hand, if you want to be able to use GI more than once every few minutes, GI has to be cancelled quickly; otherwise, you will lose all, or close to all, accumulated increments.

So, either we get the 10% incoming healing bonus and group damage reduction once in a blue moon, or we don't get the incoming healing bonus at all, since we're forced to cast GI right before the AE in order to minimize the increment cost.

This is bad.  CS should enhance GI, but instead, it reduces the effective recast rate very significantly, so you end up losing a lot of group survivability over time.  In its current form, I doubt this ability will be picked.  

Proposed fix:

Since the group will most likely live through an AE with just the damage reduction of GI, Champion's Shout is really about adding some form of benefit to the guardian himself.  As clarified above, incoming healing bonus isn't the way to go, at least as long as you have to cancel GI early.

You could achieve an equivalent survivability boost without having to work against the base mechanic of GI by changing healing received bonus to a max HP% bonus per increment applying only to the guardian.

Will of the Champion

I still think this ability should be changed to something else. At the very least, the cast time reduction ought to be incorporated into base ability, Guardian's Interception, itself: 1.5 s that can't be reduced by the Cast Speed stat is really horrendous for a guardian whose abilities almost all cast in 0.25 s in endgame gear.

Consider that you can't pick Stalwart Conviction, Sphere of Defense, and the entire left tree; you'll have to ignore one of the three abilities Champion's Shout, Champion's Glare, and Will of the Champion.  Champion's Glare is unfortunately absolutely essential due to the ridiculously low increment gain rate even with it, so it comes down to a choice between CS and WoC, a choice between acceptable cast speed--which we shouldn't have had to pay for to begin with--and personal survivability (assuming CS is changed from healing received bonus to something that works with, and not against GI).

Champion's Stand

While I've been okay with the 10% damage reduction to priests raidwide (i.e., utility as opposed to personal survivability), AA abilities can't be considered in isolation but have to be regarded in a class balance context.

The most recent patch notes included significant survivability upgrades for paladins and monks and a very minor one for guardians, so while we're gained a tiny survivability boost via Defender's Sphere, we ended up gaining much less than the other potential candicates for the MT slot.

Monks already had Serene Energy, an ability which currently parses 1K - 2K HPS; the Defender's Sphere change isn't even equivalent to that.  

Now they also have the new Winds of Retribution.  Consider:  The monk uses Tsunami, gaining 30 sec of automatic ripostes, maxing out Winds of Retribution in a matter of seconds; when Tsunami wears off, the monk still enjoys a 10% max HP and 3% riposte chance buff for at least the next 30 seconds, which can easily be extended given how much Riposte Chance a raid-geared tank has these days; 60 seconds after Tsunami expired, it can be recast, restarting the cycle.

Effectively speaking, you have given monks a permanent 10% max HP and 3% riposte chance buff.

On top of the disparity between Serene Energy and Defender's Sphere, Winds of Retribution represents a major shift in  the survivability balance in favor for the monk class, so I no longer see any reason why our left/defensive endline should be utility and not personal survivability.

Assuming Winds of Retribution isn't changed, I propose Champion's Stand be changed so it adds either a 15% damage reduction bonus or a 15% max HP buff or a mix of the two to our defensive stance.  Throw in a shield requirement to keep it all nice and defensive.

Sphere of Defense

As I already mentioned in my previous post, 15 s reuse reduction (at max ability reuse, which is the norm in high-end raiding) doesn't amount to a lot with regards to this particular buff.  

If you really don't want to reduce the base reuse further, then how about changing Sphere of Defense entirely, so the base reuse remains at 180 s while the stoneskin proc chance is increased from 25% to 35%.  I'd much rather have a more reliable defensive tool that is available less often, than a less reliable one that is available more frequently.

Of course, an even more appealing change would be to change the AA to a base reuse reduction to one of our guaranteed stoneskin abilities (i.e., Tower of Stone, Last Man Standing, Perfect Counter).

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