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There are so many cloaks that don't display correctly that they are too many to list.  Some show in the dressing room but not on a mannaquin and some don't show on either.  I have my own "Room of Cloaks" in my house and I know the following do NOT display on mannaquins:

Formal Cloak of the Traitor

Cloak of the Traito's Grace

Erollisi Day Cloak

Cloak of the Prime Healer

Mistmoor's Cloak

Cloak of the Dread Exarch

Cloak of the Soulbinder

Flowing Cape of the Dark Lord

Cloak of the Gigglegibbery

Cloak of the Green Claw

Chatoic Cloak of Wizardry

Blood Splattered Hood

I've /bugged these and I'll do it every day.  I collect cloaks and tapestrys to display in my house and now I have a bunch of blank cloaks.

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