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Onorem wrote:
Built a new computer a few weeks ago, and I'm having trouble logging in.I had it working for about a week (although usually not for more than 15 minutes at a time), but haven't been able to get past "trying login server #" for a couple weeks now.E84008800GTSVista-64I have my firewall turned off. (Windows firewall is also off)I have my antivirus turned off.I've gone to the Sony folder in both Program Files and Program Files (x86) and given full control to all users.Tried running as Administrator with both XP and 2000 compatibility.Is there anything obvious that anyone could suggest I might have missed?I'm enjoying Crysis, The Witcher, and Oblivion...but I'd prefer to be able to log into the game I'm paying the monthly fee for...Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
If you check back to this post, let me know how the E8400 along with the 8800GTS runs EQ2.  I'm looking at the same chip and vid card.  Thanks.
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