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An Urgent Call - from mail - Speak to Brytthel ( in Maldura 370, 82, 26), she sends you to meet Queen Alwenielle
in Thalumbra -334, 240, 379. Queen-317, 47, 604 gives you "blushing umbrite" and sends you to speak to Elanluelle -488, 237, 349 whofinishes this quest and gives next:
Into the Spire - enter Arcanna'se spire at -60, 15, 164. Crafting instance, do not attack anything, just watch pathing of mobs and walk in between, the goal is to locate queen.
In first round room take a left and go into 2nd door, then walk into 1st open doorway, watch out for a guard that comes close, hug left wall and walk into first room on left. Queen is imprisoned by a spell in the middle, get close enough to get update without aggroing epic Lanys and Tserrina. Your goal now changes to create a distraction for the guards.
Turn back and hug right wall to doorway, turn right in hallway and follow to the end to room with a podium. Pick up scroll from the floor at 132, 2, -25. You receive Spire Guardian Resurrection Spells page, right click podium and "place scroll on the podium", Right click podium again and "use", this resurrects guardians and guards are now non aggro and fighting guardians. Your goal now is to find a way to distract others ( Lanys and Tserrina).Walk out of that room along hallway to the round room by entrance, take a right along wall and walk into 2nd closed doors, you come out into a little green garden-y area and you see another door just ahead of you at -31, 3, -10. Go in and into another door straight ahead, you are in a round room with a table in middle. Pick up scroll at -44, 4, 34 it auto scribes recipe for Explosive properties of magic crystals. Hop onto table and pick up candle wax, crystal fragments and smaller crystal shards, click on mortar and pestle on table and craft explosive crystals.
Exit the room and take door on the right, run through the end of this long room, to another small room, run thru that small room to another long hallway, take first right into open room with crates inside. Click crates and exit the room, hug left wall as Lanys and Tserinna run out and go to investigate. Enter the room with Queen at 105, 3, -66 and break 6 blue binding crystals around her. Speak to queen ( no feather nor book above her), she will send you, when you are ready, to wherever she sent some adventurers before you (she warns that spell might malfunction and send you wherever else haha, and so it does)
You wake up on a ship the Frillik Tide. In the brig, facing an iksar slave. Naked (only in appearance, unless you have some appearance items on you). Talk to him. He explains how you got there. You are tasked with retrieving your armor. Captain standing outside left door calls to you to come over. Go to that door. He's wearing your armor and after talking some smack he walks away. When you turn around back to iksar slave there's a rat next to him.
Talk to iksar, then talk to rat, you give rat some food and he goes away. After a moment he comes back and drops keys, click on rat to give him more food and now you are able to pick up keys. Really need to pay attention to yellow text now, as you will be given hints and directions what to do this way. Get ready to open the right door, there's a guard pathing outside of it. Wait for guard to walk to the left then CROUCH ( z key by default) and open door, walk just outside and close the door behind you, DO NOT GET CLOSE TO ANY OF THE SLAVERS. Hug right wall and pick up a pick laying on some crates, go back under the stairs and hug left wall to the other side of ship ( watch for guard) still crouching,carefully walk up the stairs, watch for guard on top, hug right and circle the guard from behind getting only as close as to be able to pick up the rope behind him. Examine pick or rope in your bags and combine them, you now have a grapling hook. The bowsprit ( beam) above you has a blue sparkly spot, click it to attach your hook.
Click rope to climb up then click the pick at your feet to pick up your hook again. Still crouching walk across to the next roof, watch for pathing guard, when you get to stairs on other side you will see a slaver walk out from the room below you and walk across to the stern, leave him alone for now. There is a crate by the door of the room he just walked out of. Check if you're still crouching, then go and click on crate to get inside it. Be careful of Captain just inside the door. Camouflaged as a crate slowly walk into room with Captain hugging left wall, pay attention to pink text and stop dead still, when you see him noticing a moving crate, and his companion responding, this happens twice. Hug left wall into the room with wine barrels adjacent to captain's room.
You will have to click off crate illusion in order to click on 2 sparkly spots to spill wine and then on green sparkly lamp on wall to set fire. Click on crate quickly to cmouflage yourself again and get out of the wine room back to where captain was, you should be heading north across deck to the room with lone slaver, the crate falls apart halfway, make sure you go back to crouching again.
Walk into the room (-1, 12, -38) and sneak up behind slaver, click on him to knock him out. Click on him again to take back your head gear. Go out of the room and back across the deck (south), when you get close to the rigging click on blue sparkly spot at 21, 21, 18 to climb the rigging. Watch out for lookout on top, look up and click sparkly spot on rope to climb up, again crouching, slowly walk across ( you can fall off if not careful) pay attention to gusts of wind, click rope to hold on when you are warned. This happens twice, you can move when the twister is gone from around your person. Carefully jump down on the right side of crows's nest ( guard is on left), go around mast to click on another blue sparkle to zipline across, go around mast and click another zipline spot, you landnext to cannon and knock out canoneer on arrival.
Pick up cannonball, walk over to the hole in roof, captain is walking around in the room below you, position yourself above him as much as you can and click him to drop the cannonball. Jump down and click captain to take back your gear. If you still have your grappling hook look up, click sparkly to get back up. If you forgot to take your hook, you will need to go out the long way across deck, rigging etc. You need to get back to cannon to click on barrel next to it, and shoot yourself out of there. Quest completes. You land on a beach.
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