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Also, if PvP objectives are to be continually added to open world zones, I'd like to see offerings that aren't the cliche "territory capture, hold this item, or caoture the flag".

There are TONS of unique things that can be done.

Freeportian Gnomes, Qeynosian Koada'Dal

There can be Gnomish refining trains engineered to run off of player bodies or sacred Koada'Dalian ships blessed to harvest energy from sanctifying and redeeming corrupted corpses.

Players would have to attach tinkered chains or cast elven binds to drag the body to a pegasus-drawn wagon, or a Gnomish inflated hovercraft depot, to then drive the load for filling the train's boiler firebox or the ship's rune energizer. 6 bodies would be one shipment.

Once the train or ship made a full pass around the zone (say, Nektulos Forest & Thundering Steppes or Enchanted Lands and Zek the Orcish Wastes), four outer bases and 1 central base could all activate, requiring delivery of refined/blessed shipments to power a force field or energy cannon.

To activate the cannon or force field would require 3 hovercraft/pegasus-wagon deliveries to these auxiliary bases and 6 to the primary (18 total), wherein all opposition would be destroyed or repelled into the nearest overland zone as control is obtained and faction bonuses are awarded.

Defenders would have to maintain at least 3 deliveries fueling the outer bases and 6 in the center, and an excess could be stored in a way where attackers could steal shipments back out, to bring them to their own demolisher ship/train.

These demolisher bases of the attackers have 3 pegasus wagons or inflated hovercrafts that activate if the Gnomish refining train/sacred Koada'Dalian ship make a full pass around the zone).

Attackers would win by holding off the process for the time limit of the procession, say, 40 minutes or an hour.

At that point, if attackers won the primary goal, the ship could crash or the train could experience explosions in some of its cars, wherein the follow-up scenario would be for defenders using the 3 wagons/hovercrafts available to drag the ship or train back to its original maintenance station for repairs.

Attackers would win by holding off this process for 30 minutes (hovercraft/pegasus wagons would be snarable and travel at 60% runspeed).

If offense won this secondary objective, a mother ship or an army of clockwork menaces and helicopters would come to drag the refining train or sacred ship back to its hub, killing enemies within 80 meters with blue or red laser beams. This would take 3 minutes.

Therein, the original objective would begin anew, with the attackers receiving a bonus of their choice for the next round of the primary objective, selected upon zone entry.

If defenders won the primary goal, then the alternative secondary objective would be for attackers to bring 1 destructive shipments to these outer bases and 2 to the central, with the time limit also being 30 minutes here (defenders would win if progression was halted for that long).

If offense won, then the bases would be destroyed, but an army of Koada'Dalian ships or clockwork menaces/helicopters/dragons would come to destroy the attackers present at these bases and repair them.

And again, the primary objective would reset with the restoring army taking 3 minutes to repair bases and restart the primary objective, where the victorious faction could choose a bonus of their choice upon zone entry.

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