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Valindor wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

Will the real Seliri be undeleted and restored to celebrate the most renowned level locker relishing in the glory of his native land?

Nah, just nuke any other toons associated with him from orbit.

This TBH. Honestly, after your performances in the battlegrounds, I'd be quite happy if they just auto-delete any toon you try to zone into BGs.

This is what you say when you'd like to ignore all your proud double standards.

But obviously, the case is that SOE has had tens upon tens of discrepancies with enforcing their EULA and acting like it matters at all.

Those who exploited Perah Celsis constantly respawning (yeah, see Kander posting how he and SOE knew of people doing this) to get thousands of platinum, masters, and fabled werent penalized, rolled back, deleted, or suspended.

Those who exploited writs from the Hole (bugged from beta, going live), holding the items in a trade window to constantly obtain and complete writs until they reached level 90, weren't penalized, rolled back, deleted, or suspended.

The hundreds or THOUSANDS of platinum selling "SPAM" tells that go out every day? It's a complete joke.

If any GM was being serious about their job they could simply watch logs and instantly IP ban any character sending out those websites.

But instead? They flag spam.

Section 9 of the User Agreement and Software License states no intellectual property of SOE shall be sold without their consent...but the tens/hundreds of people selling LoN loot cards for real life capital even IN the trade lobby are let to make tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars off of SOE employees' accomplishments, when SOE could be USING THAT MONEY to properly fund expanding the game's content.

The bottom line is that in the meeting held with Brenlo and customer service leads, hypocritical people like you, Valindor, Horknut, cast extreme judgment that trivialized the loyalty of players.

Instead of seeking to maintain constant credibility, employees at SOE placated laissez-faire policy, contributing to weak-minded individuals such as myself losing confidence in the significance of the end user license agreement.

Point being? If all these earlier exploiters were rolled back and suspended for a month, people wouldn't have been as willing to transmute in the battlegrounds because they would've seen SOE cared about their UAASL (user agreement and software license).

You can act like you've never lied or stolen, but then you'd just be lying and stealing a chance at common sense from the less capable.

The fact of the matter is that most people only entertain such vice when they lose confidence in the role of justice administration.

People who have committed over a grand or two into SOE, over a YEAR worth of time logged in, having written some of the most thorough player guides, and even those who were only just beginning, they don't deserve to have their loyalty trivialized.

And if you agree with the "cut off the hands of a thief" policy, then you simply show how terribly you seek to relish in tyrannical, self righteous standards full of hypocrisy and contradiction.

Players are loyal and will take rules seriously if there's actually an effort to be fair, balanced, and consistent, over being rash, radical, flippant, whimsical, and overall, lackadaisical.

The thing is? People KNOW SOE doesn't seem to care nearly that much about their legitimacy.

That's why we still have all of the above let to go on, on TOP of the tens, if not hundreds of people AFK botting Nest of the Great Egg with auto-clickers on macros that STILL allow all spells and combat arts to be linked.

That's what you call, "Welcome, freeloaders, enjoy the welfare."

People who had their characters stripped and deleted deserve to be restored with their ill-gotten gains removed. The suspension was enough to COMPLETELY put these players behind the curve on DKP and battlegrounds tokens. Just having begun to raid for the first time ever in EQ2 as my first MMO, that's now dashed.

I don't blame SOE for my chances at competitive DKP possession being botched, as I knew suspension was a risk I took when exploiting. But deletion, when ALL of the ABOVE exploits are LET TO PASS with no regard? It's totally uncalled for when SOE obviously contributed to deterioration of community faith in SOE's own vows.

Neither do I say that all of my works and loyalty should keep me from penalization, but that it is ENTIRELY wrong to minimalize and trod upon the dedication of people toward this community, especially when their rulers have had spotty reliability therein.

[email protected] wrote:

whats the deal with the campaign armor?  Is it a new set or just the bg gear being reworked?  If it is a new set, is it going to make the bg gear obsolete and our recent bg grind pointless?  How do you obtain the campaign gear; is it bg tokens - should we be hording these tokens instead of spending them on gear that may be obsolete in the near future?  Are there any restrictions on the campaign gear -- is it only open world gear or is it useful in the bgs.

Finally with the "battlefields" opening in ant and cl - is anything being done or considered to fix/compensate for the lack of population on vox? 

I agree with your questions on whether this will be an entirely new set.

Will this first campaign set require upgrading currently held pieces?

And, this "single currency for open PvP", are you saying that level 20s or 30s can obtain tokens usable for purchasing level 90 PvP gear?

Will all old tokens now convert into this new consolidated form?

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