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Olihin wrote:


A few changes already mentioned in the Battleground section: TIMETRAVELLING

In addition here are a few key points to look for in GU56 that impact our server:

  • Level locking enabled starting at level 30.
  • Removal of level restrictions for Achievement distribution.
  • 100% achievement bar settings prior to max level.
  • Single Currency for Open PVP, the Discord Token.
  • Warfields! Antonica and Commonlands...
  • Much more!

Please take the time to prepare your characters and thus provide feedback for the few weeks we have these on TEST-Copy.  A lot of more details to be shared in the near future and of course we expect to make modifications based on feedback.

Happy Hunting!



Does this mean we'll be able to use all 250 AA on a low level twink,since we can't use more than 100 AA until after 70?

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