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timetravelling wrote:


GU56 will be hitting the test server soon, and I'd like to give y'all a brief preview of some of the exciting things that should be included:

  • Brand new 1st Campaign armor sets and accessories
  • Many of the accessories are based upon the currently BG-disabled RoK PvP accessories. Those adornments have had their effects adjusted and will be re-enabled for battlegrounds!
  • Each armor piece will have a pvp-only Blue adornment slot!
  • As such, we'll all be introducing 20+ new Blue adornments!
  • Battlegrounds at levels 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 are being activated!
  • Battleground armor sets and accessories will be on sale at each of those tiers
  • Brand new open-pvp server battles for control of Antonica and Commonlands!
  • Additionally, we've internally removed the ~15% damage reduction applied to all spells in pvp combat. I'd like to once again ask for y'all to copy over to test-copy and give us feedback on the change.


Will this make OP classes even harder to kill, since they are presumably getting boosted and will be able to kill attackers faster?

Looking forward to posting parses!

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